My Credentials

Hi there!

I’m a firm believer in the power of self-teaching in becoming an expert. That’s why I continiously read about the human mind, the human body and nutrition. I want to make sure I give you up-to-date and exhaustive information!
But I also consider formal education to be absolutely essential. As a result, I’ve taken courses in Addiction Treatment, Weight Management, Gut Micriobiota and the Science of Fitness from top-notch universities. This allows me to provide you with the most accurate advice possible.

Yale – Addiction Treatment: Clinical Skills for Healthcare Providers

What I learnt:

  • What substance use disorder is
  • How the addicted brain works and how to rewire it
  • How to screen and diagnose substance use disorder
  • How to treat substance use disorder:
    • Motivational enhancement therapy 
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention
    • Contingency management
    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Emory University – Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories

What I learnt:

  • Understand obesity, appetite hormones, and weight set point
  • Recognize barriers to weight loss such as stress, inadequate sleep, unbalanced gut microbiota and hormone production
  • Identify the main dietary factors that affect weight
  • Develop a weight management plan that clients can follow for life

McMaster University – Hacking Exercise for Health: the Science of fitness

What I learnt:

  • How different types of workouts affect muscles, the brain, and overall health
  • The science behind cardio, HIIT, resistance training and body-weight interval
  • How to create effective workout routines based on people’s fitness level, preferences, free time and equipment
  • Short powerful workouts developed by health professionals (as quick as 1 minute)

University of Colorado Boulder – Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome

What I learnt:

  • How an imbalanced gut microbiome triggers mood swings, depression, anxiety, auto-immune diseases and fat storage
  • How to spot an unhealthy gut
  • The factors that disrupt the gut microbiome
  • How to heal the gut microbiome to support weight loss