Here’s the Philosophy Behind The 90-Day Reset™

The Sustainable Weight Loss Formula

Most weight loss plans focus on restricting calories. But these are solutions that at best lead to short-term success, and at worst cause metabolic disruptions and messed up relationships with food.
Plus, these methods rely on willpower.
The truth is that eating and exercising are just one part of the equation.
But the key to effortless and sustainable weight loss, is to work on all the variables of the equation at the same time.

Healthy gut: Stress, processed foods, antibiotics, etc are factors that disrupt our gut microbiota, aka the bacteria in our gut. That’s a major issued because an imbalanced gut microbiota causes depression, anxiety, increased belly fat storing, food allergies and more issues that directly prevent us from losing weight. So the first step is to heal our gut.

Optimal metabolism: Have you ever wondered why most people gain their weight back and more after a diet? That’s because every time we diet, our natural body weight increases as a survival mechanism. This is called our set point, and it’s the weight to which our body will do everything to go back. Together, we’ll restore your set point so that your metabolism supports long-term weight loss.  

Mindful eating: Have you noticed that some people seem to eat whatever they want and never gain weight? Well, it’s because they have a healthy relationship with food! When they eat rich-fatty foods, they know when to stop depending on their body’s needs. And they naturally balance their splurges with a healthy diet. Resetting your relationship with food is the key to moderation and peace of mind.

Empowering belief system: Self-limiting beliefs and lack of self-worth are often the root cause behind sugar and junk food addictions and fat retention. And major blocks in all areas of our life for that matter. They’re subconscious thoughts like ‘it’s hard for me to lose weight’, ‘I can’t love myself when I’m not fit’, or any other negative conditioning created during childhood. Fortunately, there are powerful techniques to remove them and create an empowering belief system.

Elevated state of being: Overeating junk food is our way to release the energy of our suppressed emotions. That’s why it’s essential to first release all that tension, and second learn to deal with our emotions in a healthy way, aka to surrender them on the spot as they come. Not only will that stop your emotional eating, but it will raise your state of being from lack to abundance and gratitude. That’s when you’ll be able to manifest whatever you want in life.

How to Deal With Sugar and Junk Food Addiction, and Other Types of Emotional Eating?

The mistake we often make when trying to lose weight is that we try to suppress our junk food cravings. But the fact is that our cravings are feedbacks! When you have a wound, thank God it hurts. Because that’s how you know it’s infected! Well it’s the same with junk food cravings: they’re your body telling you that your subconscious mind is ‘infected’ with stress, fears, self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs, and that you must do something about it.
The good news is that once you understand that and treat the root cause of the cravings, they start fading away on their own. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do together.

Why 90 Days?

Many studies have proven that it takes at least 67 days to fully adopt a new habit. While the video course with all of my healing exercises takes about a month to watch, and while you’ll start seeing results right away, it’s important for me to give you my support for 90 days to make sure you have fully healed.

What Do I Base My Theories On?

I’m a firm believer in the power of self-teaching in becoming an expert. That’s why I continiously read about the human mind, the human body and nutrition. I want to make sure I give up-to-date and exhaustive information to my clients.
But I also consider formal education to be absolutely essential. As a result, I’ve taken courses in Addiction Treatment, Weight Management, The Science of Fitness and Gut Micriobiome from top-notch US universities to build my program, as well as my own experience of course. Click here to check out my credentials.

Here’s What You’re Going to Do in The 90-Day Reset™

  • Reset your body: cleanse it, heal your digestion, lower your set point, restore your metabolism
  • Reset your mind: let go of your self-limiting beliefs, find deep self-esteem, self-love and self-worth to reach a state of inner power and inner peace
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Resolve your emotional issues
  • Switch to a healthy lifestyle that is easy to follow, even if you don’t like to cook or exercise
  • Gain more control over your life and your body
  • Heal your relationship with food so that you can eat sugar whenever you want, but be satisfied with moderate amounts
  • Reach your goal body naturally and keep it forever, without giving up the foods you love

Here’s How The 90-Day Reset™ is Structured So You Get Fast, Lasting Results in the Shortest Time Possible

On our first video call we’re going to:

  • Set up your weight goals for the next 90 days
  • Find together the unique foods and diet that make you feel your best. I have studied over 100 dietary theories to be able to define the diet that goes best with your eating preferences, schedule, food allergies, etc.
  • Learn how to eat more mindfully
  • Find a physical activity that suits you. Contrary to what you may think, this doesn’t have to be intense! Running 7 minutes a day or walking 18 minutes go a long way
  • Set up a strategy to reset your metabolism, lower your body set point (the weight towards which your body naturally gravitates) and your gut microbiota

By the way, I know it’s hard to picture how working with me would be so this first session is free. Just to get a taste of whether you like my coaching or not!

Go to the bottom of this page to book the session.

Then you can book as many one-on-one calls with me as you want over 90 days to:

  • Assess your progress, express your thoughts, bitch about your friends and family (yes, that’s part of the healing process!)
  • Explore your self-realizations more in depth
  • Ask for additionial personalized advice (regarding your meal plan, workout plan, your cravings, or anything else really)
  • Get my support and guidance

You have lifetime access to the video course, which contains:

Week 1 – Setting Goals

The first step to quit sugar and lose weight is to set goals! But in this program, we’re not going to just set weight goals. I’m going to teach you the powerful system that successful entrepreneurs use to set goals in all areas of their life and reach them. Setting meaningful goals is crucial for 2 reasons: 1) it adds purpose to your daily life and takes your mind off sugar, and 2) it rewires the part of your brain that is responsible for willpower and decision making, called the neocortex.

  • Define your 3 highest values: they’re the 3 core motivations that drive your decisions
  • Set goals in the 6 areas of your life with the 90-Day Goal Setting System, which is the secret of all successful people
  • Learn the Drift theory to stop self-sabotaging once and for all
  • Use an NLP anchor to rewire your brain and shift your habits

Week 2 – Resetting You on the Emotional Level: Surrendering Your Emotions

Overeating is a way of suppressing negative emotions. The problem is that not only does this make you gain weight, but it doesn’t even make your emotions go away. They keep on building in your subconscious until they make you sick. You heard me! Because they impact us at the gene level, negative emotions are the root cause of most diseases. That’s why in the program, you will let go of those suppressed emotions, and learn how to deal with your future emotions in a healthy way.

  • Learn about the Hawkins Scale
  • Let go of your resentment towards yourself
  • Let go of your resetment towards others
  • Learn logotherapy to stop being stuck in the past and be active in the present
  • Learn how to deal with your emotions the proper way
  • Learn about the Drama Triangle and how to avoid drama

Week 3 – Resetting You on the Mental Level: Shifting Your Paradigm

The root cause of emotional distress, lack of self-worth and food addiction is a negative paradigm, aka a self-limiting belief system created during childhood by parents, school, society, the media, etc. Because of this negative conditioning, your subconscious mind clashes with your conscious mind (your desires). You may not be aware of it, but that creates inner stress and anxiety, which in turns triggers cravings.

  • Understand where fears come from, and let go of your fears and doubts
  • Become aware of the areas of your life where you  lack worthiness
  • Become aware and release your self-limiting beliefs using the Table of Beliefs technique
  • Address and heal your childhood traumas with the Inner Child healing method
  • Shift your belief system using mantra meditation and auto-suggestion to access your subconscious mind

Week 4 – Resetting You on the Behavioral Level: Finding Core Power

Have you ever wondered what willpower actually is? I know I did for years… Until I found it and understood: it’s when a coherent brain (clear intention) meets a coherent heart (elevated state of being). So in this last week together, we’re going to work on aligning your brain and your heart. And on finding more than willpower, core power! 

  • Reset your self-image to build real self-esteem, self-worth and self-love
  • Learn how to stop being a people pleaser and being self-conscious
  • Learn how to be in the present moment rather than listen to your mind chatter
  • Raise your state of being from lack and despair, to abundance and gratitude
  • Learn how to stop worrying and being stressed


Why Join The Program Today?

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The regular price for The 90-Day Reset is $1,000 USD. But when you join today, you’ll invest only $600 (or 4 x $175). This is a massive $400 USD discount.

I’m doing this to encourage you to turn your life around during the Covid quarantine.

What we’re living right now is terrible, but it’s also a unique opportunity to change our habits without all the usual external stress and temptations!

The discount stops on May 1st.

Try it risk-free: you don’t even have to make up your mind right now

My goal is to help you. That’s why if you aren’t completely blown away by this program, if you feel like it hasn’t make you grow, you can request a 100% refund anytime. No questions asked, no hassle.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Today

  • Unlimited one-on-one video calls with me that you can book whenever you want during 90 days
  • Video course with all my healing exercises for a holistic reset
  • Lifetime access to the video course so you can watch it at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook support group – because community is everything!
  • 100% refundable if it hasn’t helped you

I know it’s hard to picture how working with me would be. And you shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t like.
That’s why the first session is free. Just to get a taste of whether you like my coaching or not!

Just choose a date and time below.

Talk to you soon!

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